Tine Hartz (b. 1987, from Modum) is a Norwegian artist who stands out by creating never-before-seen paintings in both traditional and modern art. Ms. Hartz perfected her artistic skills throughout 20 years of continuously working in contradiction of rules. In 2020, she took a step forward in to the light, after honor and glory from Tom Cruise about her innate gift, where he pointed out that «this is just the beginning of great things.»

Her works are both figurative and abstract, and by exploring the best of both worlds in traditional and modern art, she shows the way through her motto;
«You cannot create the future without learning from the past.» (T. Hartz, 2020.)
In translation, her work consists of figurative and abstract art, both oil paintings, and in recent years, the modern and digital world. Tine loves exploring the contrast in colours, light and shadow. For Ms. Hartz, there is no fixed form, no box, and no rules. After being advised by Tom Cruise to be more noticeable and visible, she has chosen to enter the public arena. She will continue to do the unexpected, and there will be no rules to her art.

Ms. Hartz’s clients are individuals and companies, both domestically and internationally.

Predicted a bright future as an artist, Ms. Hartz is entering the stage. Stay tuned.