Tine Hartz Profilbilde Biografi


Tine Hartz (b. 1987, from Modum) is a Norwegian contemporary artist who stands out with her creations in both figurative and abstract art. She was discovered by Tom Cruise in 2020 after she painted the Top Gun-car, whereby Tom pointed out Ms. Hartz’ talent, and convinced her to take the step and become a full-time artist. She took the advice and stepped into the public eye. Since then, the demand for her work has skyrocketed.

Ms. Hartz’ works consist of both oil paintings, drawings and digital art, and by exploring the best of the pair, she shows the way through her motto;

¨You can not create the future, without learning from the past¨ (T. Hartz, 2020).

This is the reason why she is using traditional materials by creating oilpaintings and drawings, but also, is a part of creating the future through her digital art.

Ms. Hartz is intreaged by the contrast in light and shadow and colours, and the mysterious tension that lies in the art which she has not created yet. For her, there is no fixed form, no box and she will continue to do the unexpected. There will be no rules to her art.

Predicted a bright future as an artist, Ms. Hartz has entered the stage.

Stay tuned.