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You cannot create the future without learning from the past

– Tine Hartz, 2020

Who is Tine Hartz
Tine Hartz (b. 1987, from Modum) is a Norwegian artist who stands out by creating never-before-seen paintings.

Tom Cruise, 2020 (Set of Mission: Impossible 7, location: Norway)

«Your painting is incredible, I think it is amazing. It shows in your work how detailed you are. I look forward to see what you create in the future.»


Countdown to the next work of art from Tine Hartz.

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Tine Hartz Art Unveiling SVIKET
Tine Hartz Art Unveiling SVIKET

VIP list

Being a valuable member of the Tine Hartz’ VIP list, you will get a preview of all original art like paintings and drawings ahead of a public display. In addition, you also get the opportunity to bid or pre-purchase pieces before the open sales starts. Price can be anywhere between $1800 – $35.000 USD. You will also receive other valuable updates from the artist.

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