A painting, Tom Cruise and Tine Hartz

In September 2020, Tom Cruise decided to put the filming of Mission Impossible on hold, to go in the helicopter and fly over to artist Tine Hartz and her father on set. They were standing there with a Corvette C3 and a very unique Top Gun-painting, ready for memory of a lifetime.

Tine Hartz Tom Cruise Top Gun Art Airbrush

The Corvette belongs to Tine´s father, and back in 2018 he was told by his daughter that he could choose a picture to be painted on the hood of his car. He chose the Top Gun cover from his favorite movie. After six nerve-wracking months it was ready, and her fathers Corvette was unique, and one in a million.

In 2020, Tom Cruise was filming for his new movie, Mission Impossible:7 in Norway when the norwegian car-magazine BROOM reached out to his team and told them about the Top Gun-car. As a result, Tom Cruise chose to pause the filming, and fly over in his helicopter to see the painting and sign it. Tine Hartz and her family had a wonderful meet and greet for 40 minutes, where Tom made sure Tine understood what a talent she has, and that she have to “get out there”. Tom signed the painting next to Tine, and the hood were safely transported home for sealing with clear lacquer.

In the time after, Tine has made a homepage, a new signature outfit which you can read about in another blog post, and sold many pieces of art. In november 2021, she will go international and trust the quote from Mr. Cruise;

It shows in your work how detailed you are, and your painting is incredible. It is excellent. This is just the start for bigger things, and I look forward to seeing what you create in the future. Your work is fantastic.